Shalini Bhatia is Beauty with Brain


You believe that the sky is the limit then there can be no stopping. Armed with this belief, her good looks, talent, and ambition to succeed Shalini Bhatia ventured into the acting and modeling industry.

Born on 18th February, Shalini is a Delhiite, who got married at the young age of 21 to Rajiv Bhatia. She set out to explore her avenues as an actor and model soon after her marriage.

Shalini tasted success very early in her career when she was crowned Mrs. India 2019 (Grahsaheli.)

After this success she was much sought after and many modeling assignments came her way. Very soon she became a well- known face in the modeling world with many prestigious brand shoots and TV and cinema ads.

Her fame and talent also opened up other avenues for her who included judging fashion shows, participating in TV discussions, starring in music videos, ads including cinema ads, and being invited as the Chief Guest on many occasions. She has featured in various makeup and fashion shoots too.

Being the brand ambassador for many big brands she is a popular and renowned face on hoardings and outdoor publicity, especially in Delhi.

Although her hands are full with work, she takes extreme care to maintain an excellent work-life balance and ensures that her family life does not suffer because of her busy schedule. She believes in giving her best to both the worlds. Shalini has many prestigious projects in the offing, including ones with Reddwings Productions in the very near future.

When asked to reflect on the driving force behind her success so far, Shalini is very vocal and vehement about the fact that there is no substitute for hard work and there are no short cuts to success, without working hard!

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