Samuel Coraux Jewelry


If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry, Samuel Coraux’s unique style is definitely for you. This French designer crafts one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from honest materials. The pieces have an unusual aesthetic identity and sculptural quality. In fact, you can find a piece of Samuel Coraux jewelry in any of the world’s leading art galleries. You might even be able to find it in the Met, where he exhibits his work.

Samuel Coraux’s jewelry is sculptural and graphic

The designer of Samuel Coraux’s jewelry creates a modern aesthetic through a play of light, colour, and volume. Inspired by art, calligraphy, and gesture, his work explores the power of jewelry to tell a story. His pieces are made to be worn as objects that bring out hidden parts of the wearer’s personality. The pieces are affordable and suitable for every budget.

The designs are bold and often a little bit quirky. Often made of gold, silver, or copper, Samuel Coraux’s jewelry is both beautiful and functional. Coraux loves to design pieces that speak to women and are easy to wear every day. His work is a reflection of his eccentric personality, resulting in bold, playful, and unusual pieces that will make you smile. Although these pieces may not be for everyone, they are an excellent choice for those who enjoy an eclectic look.

Paris-based Samuel Coraux has a passion for architecture and art, which is reflected in his designs. His first collection was made from Murano glass, and he was able to fuse strong colors with clean lines and simple shapes. Later, he discovered the versatility of plastic and rubber and created a fun and colorful collection. His playful, sculptural jewelry is reminiscent of contemporary architecture and art.

It is lightweight

If you are looking for beautiful and comfortable necklaces that don’t take up a lot of space, then look no further than Samuel Coraux jewelry. This Parisian jeweller’s necklaces feature red-knotted silicone tubes that are secured to a lightweight black woven cord. The artist is famous for his use of divergent materials and dynamic abstract forms that capture the attention of collectors and consumers worldwide. His necklaces and earrings are available at i dare to be, making them perfect gifts for the holidays.

Sam Coraux, who once worked in film, was inspired by architecture to make his collection. He merged bold colours and simple designs to create a bold and striking line of jewellery. The designer discovered plastic and rubber, which led to playful designs that reference modern architecture and art. He also works with natural materials such as coral and glass to produce lightweight and affordable pieces that are as light as possible. Although he was inspired by his film and art backgrounds, Coraux’s work is surprisingly modern and wearable.

It is quirky

If you’re looking for unique and quirky jewelry, look no further than Samuel Coraux. This Paris-based designer uses his diverse experiences as inspiration for his unique pieces. He bases his studio near the Republique in central Paris. Samuel Coraux’s jewelry is meant to make you smile, and his quirky designs are guaranteed to draw a smile out of others! Samuel Coraux’s jewelry is available in a variety of price ranges.

A contemporary designer, Samuel Coraux’s unique designs feature unconventional shapes and colours. While he started out producing films, he quickly discovered his passion was in costume jewelry. His first collection was made from Murano glass and incorporated bold colors with clean, minimalist lines. After discovering the possibilities of plastic and rubber, Coraux expanded his work with these materials. The result is playful, unique pieces that draw inspiration from modern architecture and art.

It has a distinct aesthetic identity

The jeweler and designer Samuel Coraux draws inspiration from all his experiences to create unique jewelry with an aesthetic identity of its own. The artist is based in central Paris and has a studio near the Republique. His goal is to create timeless and elegant pieces that will give wearers a reason to smile. His designs are clean and uncomplicated, and they play with volume, color and movement.

In addition to creating unique pieces that are made of the finest materials, Samuel Coraux also draws inspiration from other art forms. His favorite art forms are Yayoi Kusama, Van Gogh, and Murano glass. He combines these materials to create sculptural pieces with a modern aesthetic identity. His designs often feature striking colours that make them stand out from other jewelry lines. The pieces can be worn alone or paired with a simple top.

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