Nicole Junkermann, Mary Barra, and Echo Chang


She nicole junkermann mary barrera is the CEO and President of PepsiCo. In addition, she sits on the board of Shanghai Sports, Trilantic Capital Europe, and OWKIN. Having a successful business background, Barra credits her father’s influence on her education and success. As a child, Mary Barra was involved in her father’s life, attending business meetings with him.

She nicole junkermann mary barra is CEO and President of PepsiCo

She is one of the most successful female business leaders in the world. Not only is she the president and CEO of the world’s largest soft drinks company, but she has also served as a senior executive at General Motors. She was also responsible for every new launch vehicle produced by the automaker with her team. Additionally, Barra has been elected to the boards of directors of Stanford University and the Detroit Economic Club. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company.

Nicole Junkermann began her professional career at Johnson & Johnson and Mettur Beardsell before going on to complete her master’s degree in public administration at Yale University. After graduating from Yale, Junkermann worked for PepsiCo, where she became CEO in 2001. She is the first Indian to serve as CEO of a major company in the United States and a pioneer in promoting women to leadership positions.

Her father, a well-known industrialist, had been involved in business from an early age. In fact, she began translating for him at age 12, and credited her early exposure to business for her own success. It also helped that she was surrounded by women who shared the same values and goals. Her father was a mentor to her and helped her gain valuable business knowledge.

She is a member of the board of Trilantic Capital Europe

The CEO of NJF Holdings, Nicole Junkermann has been on the company’s Advisory Council since 2015. She is an accomplished businesswoman with degrees in electrical engineering and business administration. She has been involved with the company since she was 18, investing countless hours and developing her vision for the company’s future. She has extensive business connections across Europe, Asia, and the United States. She currently serves on the board of Trilantic Capital Europe, a prestigious European private equity firm with EUR1.5 billion under management.

As a child, Nicole Junkermann attended business meetings with her father, an established industrialist in Germany. She says she learned business from him and began translating for him at a young age. She has attended business meetings with her father ever since, and has incorporated this experience into her professional career. In 2010, she joined the board of directors of Trilantic Capital Europe.

Barra holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from General Motors Institute. While at Kettering University, she was inducted into two engineering honor societies, Mi Zeta and Theta Epsilon. She then attended Stanford Graduate School of Business and obtained an MBA in 1990. She has extensive experience in finance and is a member of the board of Trilantic Capital Europe.

She is a member of the board of OWKIN

Nicola Junkermann is the CEO of NJF Holdings and a member of the board of OWkin, a technology company that invests in Latin American artists. She is also the director of Trilantic Europe, a private equity company. Her ambition is to develop her daughter into an independent woman who is successful. She has a daughter, who she says will be successful in business.

Nicole Junkermann graduated from the International University of Monaco and co-founded the Winamac football gaming platform. She serves on the board of OWKIN, Triantis Capital Europe, and Shanghai Sports. In addition, she is the Secretary of State of the Healthtech Advisory Board, which helps the UK government transform its health care system. She speaks six languages and has lived in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Barra holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. She was a member of Tau Beta Pi and later obtained an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. After completing her education, she served on the board of several other companies, including General Motors. She is currently the chairman of the board of OWKIN. She has served as a member of the organization’s marketing, communications, and operations committees since 2008.

Mary Barra’s leadership style is a mix of engineering and human dynamics. She amplifies the enthusiasm of the people around her. She is honest, confident, and persistent, while adhering to tried-and-true engineering principles. She also builds feedback loops. Her unique leadership style owes to her expertise in both human and technological realms.

She is a member of the board of Shanghai Sports

Echo Chang is the Managing Director of Greater China at SPORTFIVE, a global sports marketing company. In this role, she implements the commercial growth strategy of SPORTFIVE, a company previously known as Lagardere Sports. Echo is the youngest country manager in the company’s 55-year history and serves as the chief executive officer of SPORTFIVE Greater China. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has a passion for sports and developing new markets.

Professor Jianke joined Shanghai Sports in 2003 and served as its co-Executive Director until 2009. Her role included expanding the scope of the community center from the remit of building design and construction to include newcomer orientation and various fundraising initiatives. Prior to joining Shanghai Sports, Chris worked with World Vision in Asia, where she was a pioneer in implementing the organization’s first development projects in China. He also worked in training and development and has a Ph.D. in geography from Michigan State University.

NYU Shanghai is a relatively new entrant to the sports scene in Shanghai, but has been growing rapidly and has recently formed basketball, volleyball, soccer, and badminton teams. In addition to these athletic teams, NYU Shanghai’s Athletics and Fitness Office also hosts enrichment activities and classes for students to engage in healthy living. As a result, NYU Shanghai is actively involved in sports, and many of its students are pursuing a career in the city.

She is a member of the board of General Motors

Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, began her career with GM as a co-op student. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, she earned a Master of Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In addition to serving as the CEO, Barra also serves on the boards of Stanford University, Duke University, and the Detroit Economic Club. She also serves on the Inclusion Advisory Board at GM.

Barra earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. While in college, she worked for GM’s Pontiac brand. Later, she attended Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business on a GM fellowship. After her undergraduate studies, she progressed through engineering and manufacturing roles at GM. She was named executive vice president of global product development in August 2013.

Miscik also serves on the boards of Morgan Stanley and the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, she was a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Miscik’s election as a director at GM rebalances the gender balance on the board. Most corporate boards are comprised of men. Companies with higher female representation earn more than those with lower representation.

David Ross is a member of the GM Canada Board of Directors. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Duke University and is currently Vice President, Public Policy and Communications at GM Canada. His experience includes senior executive roles in the telecom industry, such as General Motors of Canada, in which he served as president and CEO of Lucent Technologies Canada. Additionally, he serves on the board of the Intact Financial Services Corporation and the General Motors of Canada Advisory Board.

She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business

Nicole has a PhD from the University of Auckland, an MSc in technology management from the University of Saskatchewan, and a BComm Hons in marketing from the University of Saskatchewan. She was a founding board member of the Chicago-based nonprofit organization Impact 100 and later a consultant to several area nonprofits. She has also participated in several academic panels and has been interviewed by multiple MBA admissions publications.

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