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All the bold, dramatic eye makeup looks, a cut crease certainly ranks high on the list, right beside immaculate winged liner and a moody, smoky eye. For those who are new to the game,it’s not so difficult to achieve this stunning beat. Better yet: Master the technique, and it looks downright professional.
What Exactly is a Cut Crease?
The cut crease combines a lighter shade of eyeshadow application with a line (or “cut”) across the middle crease of your eyelid. On its own, the look makes your eyes appear wider and draws more attention to the colors on your lids, but you don’t have to stop there. When paired with cat eyeliner or false eyelashes, cut creases bring on Adele-levels of drama and mod ’60s vibes. It’s a brilliant technique that’ll take your eye makeup to the next level.

Here’s the 5 step to create a cut crease –

1. Paint your primer or concealer all over the eyelid: “You do want something that will dry down and not be too creamy,”

2. Next, take your angled brush and fill in the natural curve of your crease with a deeper shadow. You can place a spoon over your eye to help you get that perfect arch.

3. After “cutting” into your crease with the darker shadow, you should have this drastic side-by-side of shadow and light. suggestion of going back in with an in-between shade to slightly blend the two together. Only concentrate on the crease and that gradation of color from the outer corners, in You still want to keep that stark contrast between the crease and the lid, but you can blend multiple colors on the crease line.

4. Next, you can apply a lighter shadow on the lid, or keep a matte look with the concealer alone.

5.Finally, take your eyeliner of choice (gel, felt tip, etc.) and line your upper lash line. Many like to flick out a sharp wing, as it looks extra graphic when paired with a cut crease.

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