How to Find a British Hairstylist and Makeup Artist


Trying to find a British Hairstylist and Makeup artist is a difficult task, but there are ways to find one. You can start by checking out your local I.A.T.S.E. (International Association of Hairstylists and Stylists) or Local 706. You can also look at the makeup artist’s experience on film sets and portfolio.

I.A.T.S.E. Local 706

IATSE Local 706 represents professional Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in Los Angeles. Members of the union have created the looks of movie and television stars and have influenced major trends in the consumer industry. Among other benefits, union membership is free of charge and a great way to support your local union. Thousands of members are looking forward to a better future as members of IATSE Local 706.

When applying for membership in IATSE Local 706, you will need to submit a valid cosmetology license notarized with your name and date of birth. You will also need to submit W2 and 1099 forms that show 120 days of employment in the entertainment business over the past two years. If you have experience in both crafts, you can submit both records for verification.

The IATSE Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards are a worldwide ceremony to honor outstanding contributions in the field of make-up and hair styling. Winners are recognized in various categories, including character and period hair styling. Non-union hair stylists and makeup artists can enter and be recognized in one of the awards ceremonies.

Donald McLaughlin is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and served on the makeup branch’s executive committee for many years. He was awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, and was a nominee for the Dune Academy of Motion Picture Arts awards for Best Hairsty and Makeup. In addition to being a member of IATSE, Donald Dawson also won the prestigious CableACE Award for his work on Enchantment – Mark Twain and Me.


As a hairstylist or make-up artist, you’ve probably heard about unions and the IATSE, the International Association of Technical and Staff Engineers. You’ve probably wondered how this association can help you. There are many benefits to joining a union, but you may have to be willing to work within their rules and regulations.

Donald McLaughlin, a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, served on the Makeup branch executive committee for several years and was awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteer Service. He was also nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Makeup for the acclaimed film Dune. Several other accolades include Best Makeup Artist, Best Hairstylist, and the Sovereign’s Medal for his volunteer work.

The IATSE is the official union of hairstylists and make-up artists in film and the digital media. The organization has an interesting history. It was founded in 1889 and represents both hair stylists and make-up artists. The members of the Guild are members of IATSE Local 706 and the IATSE. If you want to join a union, you should also consider becoming a member of IATSE Local 706.

In addition to a traditional education, you should consider attending a salon or beauty school. In the U.S., a beauty school will provide a curriculum based on the Milady textbook. If you choose to attend an American beauty school, be sure to take the time to take the Milady exam. It is the standard textbook for the American beauty industry.

Portfolio of experience

The UK is the leading supplier of technical staff for film and TV. Many employers struggle to find the right creative artists and technicians, and a hair and makeup artist is the first line of defense in bringing their vision to life. BNU’s Hair and Makeup course is split between the BNU teaching base at Pinewood Studios and High Wycombe campus. This means that graduates of the course will have a wide range of experience and can draw from diverse backgrounds.

Working on film sets

Whether you’re passionate about hair and makeup or are a natural talent, it’s possible to break into the world of films and television. A new initiative by ScreenSkills, a UK training organisation, is looking for talented people to join its courses. The courses are targeted at hairdressers and make-up artists working in Black salons, department stores, and live events. The initiative offers a free online introduction to hair and makeup for film, and then invites those successful to attend further training.

Despite the fact that the film industry has a glut of qualified talent, there is still a need for skilled hairstylists and makeup artists. Those who are working in this industry are rewarded with more independence than other roles on the set. It’s possible to land a job as a hairstylist and makeup artist in Hollywood, but the industry is highly competitive.

If you’ve got the talent and experience, a British hairstylist and makeup artist on film sets may be right for you. However, it’s important to note that there are certain requirements for this job. You will need at least 18 months of experience. As a makeup artist, you’ll be responsible for creating a look that will meet the specific needs of the production. You’ll also be expected to oversee the continuity of the make-up throughout filming.

On the set, hair and makeup artists are generally paid on a day rate. The rate can vary depending on how experienced they are and the complexity of the shoot. Make sure to clarify with the producer what “day” means on the film set. A day may mean a standard 8-hour day, but a day on set can be as long as 15 hours! You may be legally entitled to overtime pay based on this.

Getting a job as an MUA

Developing your skills as a makeup artist is a vital component of becoming a successful British hairstylist or makeup artist. Aside from having a talent for hair styling and applying makeup, aspiring MUAs must also know how to apply corrective makeup and glamour practices. The ability to apply scars and marks is also crucial, so it’s worth taking extra courses. However, this is not the only way to gain experience.

If you’re interested in working in the UK, there are several sectors that will hire you. You can work in the theatre or with wig supply companies. You can also shadow an experienced H&MU artist and assist on student films and fashion shoots. You can also get a job as a freelancer or work for a hairstylist in other sectors.

A qualification in hairdressing or makeup is essential, and most makeup artists have attended a makeup school or a specialist short course. You will be required to have experience working on set, and the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques will be invaluable. Most makeup schools will recognise the qualifications of experienced MUAs and hairstylists. A good website can be an excellent calling card for an experienced makeup artist, and you should also consider creating a portfolio.

A successful MUA will have an ideal work/life balance, and will often work long hours. You should learn how to make excellent coffee, as some actors wear makeup for several hours at a stretch. Always keep your kit stocked with the right amount of makeup. Makeup artists will often touch up on the actor’s make-up before the camera rolls. Make sure to keep your kit well-stocked at all times and practice using initiative and discretion.

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