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If you’re looking for a Cristin Coleman Obituary, you’ve come to the right place. Not only was she a beloved educator, but she was also a four-time All-Star and principal of Washington Elementary School. She was also a former girlfriend of Tim Lincecum. We’ve got some interesting details about Cristin, so you can get a good feel for the kind of woman she was.

Cristin Coleman was a beloved educator

The Washington Elementary School district is planning a memorial ceremony for Cristin Coleman. The district is currently exploring ideas for the ceremony. Cristin Coleman, a former teacher at Washington Elementary School, died in May. It is unclear when the memorial will take place, but it is expected to be held later this summer or fall. While her family is devastated by the loss of their daughter, they are proud to have known her and will continue to support her.

The late Cristin Coleman, the wife of Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, was also a beloved educator. She served as principal at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, California. Despite the tragic death of her husband, she was able to touch many lives through her teaching and compassion. Her net worth was estimated to be a million dollars. Cristin Coleman is survived by two children and six grandchildren.

The family of Cristin Coleman, who was head of Washington Elementary School in the Burlingame School District, paid tribute to her memory. Sue Coleman and Randy Coleman wrote a letter to the school district expressing their deep sorrow over her passing. The family expressed their sincere sympathy to her family and colleagues. If you have loved a teacher, consider giving a donation to the school in her memory. This donation will help students at Washington Elementary.

Although her passing has been unexpected, her legacy will live on in the hearts of many people. She was a beloved educator who helped thousands of students in her career. Her parents also published a letter honoring her memory, which can be found here. It also contains a touching tribute from her spouse, Tim Lincecum, who was the head of the Giants’ communications department. During their marriage, the two met at a charity event in Burlingame.

She was a four-time All-Star

Tim Lincecum’s wife, Cristin Coleman, died of cancer on June 27. She was 38 years old and worked in the San Francisco Giants’ organization as a principal, assistant principal, and teacher. The Giants shared their sorrow over her death on Twitter. Coleman and Lincecum had recently been married. After their marriage in 2008, Coleman became an elementary school principal at Washington Elementary in Burlingame. She also served as an assistant principal at Edna Maguire Elementary in Burlingame.

After a short hiatus, Coleman returned to competition. She won the 100m in the Muller Anniversary Games in London, defeating her teammates. Later that month, Coleman suffered more hamstring pains but managed to return to the track in mid-August. Then, in Birmingham, England, Coleman won the 100m, beating home favorite Reece Prescod by 0.001 seconds.

While she was an all-star, her career was marked by injury. She has not played in the WNBA since the end of the 2011 season. The league has lost several players, including Coleman, to injuries. But Coleman is still a viable option for the future. In a few years, her body will be in a better shape. The WNBA will probably be a better place if Coleman can get back on the court.

The two other All-Stars on the roster this season were Sam Sutton-Brown and Coco Miller. Both are Australians. The former Notre Dame guard started her WNBA career in 2006 and won two championships with Indiana in 2012 and Phoenix in 2014. She was also an All-Star in 2007 and played for the Chicago Mercury in 2007.

She was a principal at Washington Elementary School

Cristin Coleman was the late principal of Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, California. She was a beloved educator who fought a brave battle with cancer. The school community was shocked by her death late last year. A tribute has been planned to remember her dedication to her students and her family. The school district is also hosting a celebration of her life. To read more about her legacy, visit her website.

Tim Lincecum and his wife, Cristin Coleman, died in June of breast cancer. Cristin Coleman, who died in June, was a beloved teacher and administrator. She was married to Tim Lincecum, a former professional baseball pitcher and former principal at the same Burlingame elementary school. A tribute to her life has been shared by the school and her husband, Tim Lincecum.

The Washington Elementary School District is planning a celebration of her life to honor her many contributions and honor her memory. The district is working with the family to create a memorial for Cristin. The family will release an obituary soon. A memorial service will be held later this fall. In the meantime, Randy and Sue Coleman will be preparing for their daughter’s funeral. The family is grateful for all the love and support they received from her students and colleagues.

Despite being a beloved and well-loved community member, Tim Lincecum lived in the Mission/Cow Hollow district near Seals Stadium. He and Cindy Coleman rode in the World Series parade together in 2012. They were close and were a part of the community. The tragedy of Cristin Coleman’s death is a source of sadness for the community, and we pray that the community can find peace in the wake of her loss.

She was a former girlfriend of Tim Lincecum

It was only recently that Giants officials learned of the relationship between Lincecum and Cristin Coleman. Coleman had worked in education and was a teacher at the Park School in Mill Valley. In 2018, she transitioned into the role of principal at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame. Prior to that, she was an assistant principal at Edna Maguire Elementary School. While Lincecum had no public comment about Coleman’s death, he had not been seen publicly since he retired from baseball.

Since Tim Lincecum retired from baseball, he has largely disappeared from the public eye. But his personal life has been filled with tragedy. He recently married Cristin Coleman, an elementary school principal in Burlingame, California. She and Lincecum were married in 2012. She also rode in the Giants’ World Series parade together. However, her relationship with Lincecum was never publicly acknowledged until Lincecum’s death.

Before announcing his split, Cristin Coleman remained on the dating scene. Despite her relationship with Lincecum, Coleman remained a close friend and supporter of the pitcher. In fact, the two dated for several years. Coleman later revealed that she was once his girlfriend. The relationship between Tim Lincecum and Cristin Coleman became public when a photo of the two emerged on the Internet.

After the news of the split, Lincecum’s Twitter feed became a hot topic as he grieved the loss of his beloved brother, Sean. Though it is unlikely that Lincecum will be at the reunion, Coleman’s presence was felt. Meanwhile, Buster Posey recently announced his retirement from baseball. In any case, the Giants will be hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates on Aug. 13, with first pitch scheduled for 6:05 p.m.

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