Beauty Affair – Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in Los Angeles


In Los Angeles, you can find Beauty Affair, a makeup artist and hair stylist offering both makeup and hair services. Beauty Affair can be found on the map below, and you can contact them via message to schedule your appointment. For more information, read their profile. Beauty Affair was founded by Amy and Lulu in 2010. Their artistic talent shows in their makeup and hair services, and the team is always happy to answer questions.

Gina’s love affair with makeup began at a young age

As a child, Gina developed a love for skincare and makeup. When she was old enough to wear makeup, her mother took her to the Clinique counter to practice the skills. When she became uninspired by her mother’s lessons, she went out on her own and got a part-time job in cosmetics at Macy’s. She went on to work at a Lancome counter and a Philosophy counter, and was taught tricks and techniques by long-time counter associates and visiting national makeup artists.

As an adult, Gina turned to acting. She appeared in cop/crime shows, but only as a costar. Those shows did not have much success and often only lasted a single season. Her role was not memorable enough to attract the attention she deserves, but she remained committed to her dream. She now stars in Philbert as Sassy Malone, a high school girl who believes that this is her last chance at stardom.

Lulu’s artistic talent is reflected in her hair and makeup applications

From everyday styling tips to beauty makeovers, Lulu’s artistic talent is evident in her detailed hair and makeup application techniques. Her clientele can feel her passion and skill from her fingertips. Lulu’s professional career has culminated with a variety of challenges that showcase her artistic talent. Aside from completing challenges, Lulu’s talent is also visible in her permanent make-up and Hydrafacial MD treatments.

Lishma’s love affair with makeup

A Licensed Cosmetologist, Lishma has been working with hair and makeup for over 15 years. She has completed master classes with M.A.C. Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, and Cinema Secrets. Lishma was trained by famed Bollywood Makeup Artist Mickey Contractor. Her love affair with makeup and beauty began at a young age. She continues to perfect her skills through workshops, trainings, and her own business.

Lishma loved makeup so much that she went to the extent of buying it. She would even wear it in public to draw attention to her features and give herself a glamorous look. But she also had a demon-induced obsession with the stuff. It wasn’t for the pleasure she got from the act, but it was a divine service. In Mishlei 3:6, Rabbi Eliezer is quoted as saying “Know Him in all your ways.”

Amy’s love affair with makeup

Amy Poehler’s love affair with makeup began on the set of the HBO series “Camille Preaker.” The actress had a personal makeup artist, Kate Biscoe, who transformed her into Camille Preaker. In an interview with People, she discussed the importance of makeup, what she did to get into character, and what the real meaning was behind Amy’s love affair with makeup.

In the series, the two first started dating each other during the episode “A Flight to Remember.” In the second episode, Kif introduced Amy to Cubert, which led to the two being inseparable. During a shoot-out attempt to another universe, Amy and Kif begin an affair. Amy later has a brief love affair with Zapp Brannigan, which involves Yivo’s tentacles.

Elena’s love affair with makeup

Fans of “The Vampire Diaries” can’t get enough of Elena’s love affair with makeup. The show has been a hit on TV and in books. Fans have flocked to the Amazon page to read a review and find out more about Elena’s love affair with makeup. The character has been the subject of several fan theories, and one fan even dubbed her the “Vampire Bride”!

Unlike her boyfriend, Elena’s love affair with makeup has lasted for a very long time. It began in high school, and even though she isn’t a doctor, she still loves makeup. Her love affair with makeup is so intense that she has been known to wear makeup everyday to get ready for an event or go to work. The show even reveals that Elena loves to wear lipstick, but the makeup isn’t the only thing she wears.

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