Anurag Arya Vardhan – One of the Best Makeup Artist


Anurag Arya Vardhan is an artist who has been blessed with artistic abilities. Apart from performing traditional acts during religious events, he also organizes fun-filled dance events. With the help of his artistic skills, ordinary women can become models in beauty pageants. His work has garnered him a huge fan base. This article highlights the different schools and institutes where aspiring makeup artists can obtain training.

 International Academy

Anurag Arya Vardhan is an outstanding makeup artist. His makeup skills are so outstanding that many of his students turn to his youtube channel to learn his techniques. Besides teaching other students, Anurag has also opened an academy that specializes in fashion and makeup. The students who join the academy have an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s top makeup artists and fashion designers.

The Meribindiya International Academy is one of the top beauty academy in Delhi NCR and has been ranked #1 in the entire country by Hina Khan. The school is reputed throughout India and is home to some of the finest makeup artists. You can also find courses in hair, nail art, and skin care at this academy. With its many training centers in Delhi, you are sure to find the perfect one for you!

Anurag Makeup Mantra Gurukul

Anurag Arya Vardhan is an Indian makeup artist who is very popular on the social media. His makeup skills are so exceptional that he has millions of followers. His youtube channel has millions of subscribers, and many students flock to his makeup and fashion academy to learn his tricks. In fact, he has won the best makeup artist award five times. To see more, visit his website.

Anurag Arya Vardhan is a renowned make-up artist and the creator of the Anurag Makeup Mantra Gurukul. The beauty course institute is based in Mumbai and is reputed for its quality education. The academy emphasizes on inner beauty and conducts yoga and other exercises to strengthen it. You can learn hairstyling at this institute, too!

If you’re looking for a makeup guru, Anurag Arya Vardhan has established his makeup gurukul in Mumbai. This academy offers short-term makeup courses and certification programs. It also offers advanced makeup courses. Besides these, he also offers online courses. You can learn the basics and advance makeup techniques in the Gurukul. So, if you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist, you’ll want to check out the academy!

Meribindiya Academy

Anurag Arya Vardhan is known for his outstanding makeup skills. He is a popular makeup artist on social media with millions of followers. His youtube channel is visited by many students. His makeup academy offers various courses in fashion and beauty, so you can get your desired career in the field of makeup. Here are some of the courses he teaches in the academy.

At Anurag Makeup Mantra Gurukul, you can learn the art of makeup and hair styling. Anurag also teaches yoga and other exercises to strengthen the inner beauty of people. The makeup courses in his academy are offered in short and long terms. The makeup courses include the basics as well as advanced techniques. For beginners, these courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of makeup and hairstyle.

Another top beauty academy in Delhi NCR is Meribindiya Academy. Hina Khan awarded the academy as the best beauty school in India. The academy attracts students from all over India. The academy also has beauty institutes in Noida and Bangalore. You can enroll in a makeup course at any of these beauty schools to get started on a rewarding career in the field.

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