5 Gorgeous Nail Trends in UK


This summer, your nails can be anything but boring. If you’ve been avoiding going to the salon to have your nails done, you’re in for a treat! Here, we’ll run through 5 gorgeous nail trends you can recreate at home. The best part is that they’re all easy to do, too! We’ll cover French manicures, Abstract nails, Statement nails, and Iridescent nails, and give you some tips on recreating these looks!

French manicures

French manicures are back in vogue, and they’re now more eye-catching than ever before. Before, the French manicure was a classic style, which dominated the ’90s and early 2000s, when Victoria Beckham sported square Tippex tips. Today, the trend has evolved into more subtle iterations, with bright colors and eye-catching designs. You can even get a DIY nelfie, courtesy of Instagram star Rochelle Humes.

French manicures are popular because they can bring your overall look together. Bright, happy colours like coral, yellow, and purple are also popular. The best way to wear them? Try wearing them with a pair of flats and a pair of heels. You’ll be surprised at how much your look will change when you choose to wear these colors! But don’t get carried away! These trends aren’t just for night outs anymore. They’re perfect for day-to-day wear, too.

It’s hard to resist a French manicure – celebrities and top models are embracing the trend as much as we do. Celebrities are even taking their nails seriously, posting nail selfies on social media and taking advantage of the growing popularity of Instagram. From next-level acrylic extensions to subtle, minimalist designs, celebrities are showing off their new nail trends. But the beauty industry isn’t just a business. It’s a hobby that has been enjoyed by women for centuries.

Statement nails

If you want to stand out this spring, try one of the stunning nail trends of the season. Swirling pastels are a trend that is perfect for the season, and can create many different effects depending on the light source. These colours can also be used to accent your makeup and add a subtle twist to your everyday look. Statement nails are also a great way to show off your personal style!

You can go for a statement nail look using any nail colour you like, or you can try a subtle and neutral shade. The most popular nail colour of the season is green. Whether you want to show off your pretty little knickers or sexy studs, there’s a trend for you. In the UK, these gorgeous nails can be worn with almost any outfit.

Rhinestones are another gorgeous nail trend that is perfect for spring. The rhinestones were spotted on the runways of spring 2022. The Alice + Olivia models wore black nails with rhinestone accents. These nails are so gorgeous, you can’t resist trying one yourself! You can even add a touch of sparkle with a tiny rhinestone on each nail.

Iridescent nails

The iridescent nail polish looks amazing! It can change from a gorgeous blue to a deep purple. You can use it alone, or layer it over your favorite nail polish. The best thing about iridescent nail polish is that it doesn’t have glitter in it! The pigment is transparent and free of toxins, making it safe for daily use. Some people may not like the sheer look, but it’s certainly worth trying!

These nails can give you a royal look and feel! Iridescent nail polish comes with a clear base and an iridescent finish. These are reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slippers. Whether you choose to go all out and show your iridescent nails or wear them just to accentuate a stunning outfit, you’re sure to turn heads.

If you love the look of a French manicure, then you’ll be glad to hear that you can try an iridescent variation this spring. These are made with special gels and semi-permanent nail polishes. Whether you prefer bright pink or muted pastels, this trend is sure to make you stand out. You’ll look fantastic in pastels whether you’re sporting a monochrome sombre or a boldly-coloured iridescent manicure.

Abstract nails

The latest abstract nail trend is a beautiful interpretation of art inspired by Matisse and Picasso. The abstract look was made famous by the season two of HBO’s Euphoria, where characters were given psychedelic, marbled french tips by nail artist Natalie Minerva. The 70s trend for nails featured checkerboard prints, funky patterns and retro designs. The trend is still very much in fashion today, with nail artists interpreting it to suit the time and place.

The abstract design trend is not only fun and unique, but also bespoke, allowing for unlimited creative freedom. You can change the design on each finger, giving you the ultimate versatility. For a pastel change, try soft sugar plums and delicate lilacs. These colours make a fresh change from the pastels that dominate spring. It’s also easy to create a statement with a pastel-based manicure.

For a sophisticated manicure, try applying a gold or pastel-colored polish on each nail. These two complementary colours look stunning when combined. When combined together, pastels look amazing with gold detailing and make an interesting interpretation of classic French tip. Pastel nails are versatile and can be worn on any type of nail. However, the longer, pointier the nail, the better. In fact, you can mix and match pastel shades and gold to create a look that is both elegant and sophisticated.

Squiggles and swirls

Squiggles and swirls have become the hottest trends for summer nails. Whether strategically placed or randomly positioned, swirls are a fun way to add drama to any set. Swirls can also be very subtle or be as psychedelic as you would like. Squiggles and swirls are one of the hottest trends for the summer, and you can create them in your favourite colour combination, whether it’s neon or pastel.

If you’re looking for a new spring look, abstract nail designs are hot. These designs are fun, bespoke, and look great on any skin tone. They can be worn on any finger or hand and can be switched between one and the other to add variety. If you’d rather go for a more pastel look, this year try lilacs or soft sugar plums. They’re a nice change from the pastels you’ll find in spring.

Whether you want to go for a classic marble design or something more modern, you can’t go wrong with a marble-like design. It’s a classic childhood memory that can now be recreated on your nail beds! And the colours are endless: think ’70s-inspired or ’70s!’ There are plenty of options for this trend on Instagram. The ’70s vibe is back in style.

Polishes with matte top coats

Matte top coats add a matte finish to any nail polish. While glossy top coats can make your nails look high-shine, matte top coats give your nails a softer look. You can even find matte top coats that are gluten-free! Just make sure that you read the ingredient list carefully to ensure that your polish doesn’t contain any of these things.

Another of the latest trends in nails is matte top coats. Matte varnishes are often used to hide any imperfections in the nail. The result is a flat, frosted finish that is perfect for the winter months. Matte varnishes are just as easy to apply as glossy polishes. But you’ll want to use one that’s made for matte nails.

Another gorgeous nail trend is matte top coats. Matte top coats have become increasingly popular this year, as these polishes look amazing and stay on longer. These polishes don’t need to be cured with UV light, so you don’t have to worry about them chipping! They also don’t damage your nails as much as glitter polishes do.

Nail tapes

Summer is here and with it come gorgeous nail trends. Nail artists have ranked the most beautiful summer trends in order of ease of creation. Here are five of the sexiest nail trends for summer 2017. Gold chrome polish and tape nails are top picks, according to an Essie UK ambassador. If you are looking for something easy to do, nail tapes might be the right option.

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