The competition is fierce among beauty retailers, and Walmart wants to make itself the destination for everything beauty. So how does it manage to compete with rivals Ulta and Target? Here are three things to consider before making your purchase. These companies offer excellent products, but how do you...

Feeling Fabulous With Ruth Langsford

As a senior citizen, Ruth struggles to find comfortable clothing as she grows older. The host of the Feeling Fabulous with Ruth Langsford event...

The Debut of Demi Moore’s Andie Swimwear Collection

The debut of Demi Moore's new line of swimwear has sparked a lot of buzz. But what's the real deal behind the new collection?...

What You Need to Know About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's hair is the focus of this photo shoot, along with her signature nude lip and glowing skin. This sexy star has changed...

The Benefits of Using Harley Street Cosmetic Gels

There is no doubt that doing business involves maximum involvement of the businessman. However, the modern industrialists prefer to delegate responsibility to other individuals....

Lila Grace Moss Hack

In addition to the birth of her son, Lila Grace, Kate and Jefferson Hack are all over social media. Their parents have been slamming...

Harper’s Bazaar Serbia Features Murla Green Feathers

The September issue of Harper's Bazaar features an article by Spanski reditelj name sa Anthonyjem Vaccarello, creative director of Saint Laurenta. The story features...

Top 10 Celebrity Makeup Artist in Los Angeles

If you're looking for a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles, you've come to the right place. Our Top 10 list includes Pati Dubroff,...

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